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Leo Career Horoscope 2017 - The Lion SignLeo folk will need to be ready to have their patience tested in 2017, particularly in the workplace. These are super confident and super-capable people who can easily become the heart and soul of organisations without even trying. Some of the changes they encounter this horoscope year may prove irksome to these people. They are so passionate and enthusiastic, yet there is still the potential for them to do well the Leo career horoscope 2017 portents show. There will be lots of opportunities for advancement and a real chance to demonstrate their worth to seniors. If there are opportunities for more training which could involve travel, Leo men and women will be very likely to follow this path in 2017. There are signs, in my astrological assessment, to suggest they may even over-achieve in the workplace, pushing themselves very hard. With their natural leadership qualities, they will certainly bring with them much warmth, excitement and even a splash of drama as they focus on expanding their careers.

Leo Career Horoscope Job Factors To Consider

This is a year that is forecast to bring great happiness for Leo folk in their personal lives, but frustration in their professional lives, particularly as they are genuinely interested in expansion and promotion. The first thing they will notice is the lack of time allowed for them to schmooze with the right people in order to get noticed and make a good and lasting impression. There will be both difficult and stressful decisions and choices to make. Despite a few obstacles to stop them getting themselves noticed early on, things will improve and there will be more responsibilities coming their way, probably by the spring and summer time.

Leo career people will find their personal qualities will shine through when it comes to advancement. They may need to take the time to evaluate their past performances before they progress and this could mean handling a situation differently, listening more to other people, realising that not everyone will share their views no matter how popular they are.

For those Lion folk in the field of entertainment ( and there are a lot of you), whether actors, performers, dancers and/or public speakers you can expect a wonderfully creative horoscope year where your work is inspirational and will be extremely well received. There will be more money for you as well as public accolades, recognition and additional work will result because of it. Many of you could win prizes and/or monetary rewards. The Leo career horoscope 2017 suggests there could be lucrative sponsorships for younger Leos.

For those who are in professional employment like teachers, counsellors and lawyers, you may feel there are certain personalities who seem determined not to let your natural creative flair thrive in the job you do. I do foresee a new working environment where you will no longer be so held back or restricted and there will be different personalities around you who are far more accommodating and like-minded. This is a positive change and something to look forward to. Your job security will not be compromised in any way. At some mid-point this year you could be asked to re- evaluate your performance. Be sure to speak frankly and be guided by your natural innate intelligence and intuition in the answers that you give.Your main focus in 2017 is likely to be a steady progression with a just reward for a job well done.

My Leo career horoscope 2017 indicates that for those men and women who work in business, it is likely that you will be facing job cuts. Bosses will be forced to make people redundant in an uncertain job market. If this does happen to you, there will be other opportunities just around the corner. Keep yourself grounded and don’t over-react because for you this will mean a new beginning and an exciting opportunity. When you do secure new employment, you will be better off financially than in your old job.

If you are in a career management role, religious leaders or even in sales, in 2017 you could be entrusted with the job of training up new recruits and demonstrating with your natural wit and good humour exactly how a good job should be done. Your expertise in this role is more than likely to gain you reward, respect and recognition. Certainly, you will be asked to do more of it and I do foresee you drawing up and designing courses of study and training opportunities for others.

For those who are self-employed, 2017 will be a good horoscope year for your personal dynamism, passion and creativity to shine through bringing you even greater glory. I am thinking here of artists, children’s authors, motivational personal trainers, owners of a creative empire, fashion designers, game developers and even animal trainers. You will be setting clear goals and will work in a disciplined and organised manner to reach them.

Pay And Fiscal Prospects At Work

Leo career horoscope 2017 analysis shows this is likely to be a very prosperous career year for Leo folk. The money will come to them, either through a small windfall or through paying off a loan that has dragged on over a few years. It could be that they finish paying off a credit card or other debt that has become a bit of a mill-stone. It may also be a year when Leo men and women learn how to better manage their resources in order to maximise their potential. However, I would advise caution in over extending a mortgage this year, despite listening to an extremely persuasive argument to do so. Certainly, more money will come to Leo people through an increase in salary or a generous bonus/allowance which will be given as a reward for extra labour and achievement in a stressful working environment. They will be very motivated to make as much money as possible, though not for entirely selfish reasons. They are extremely family orientated and with big hearts, it is likely they will make large donations to charities and other worthy causes. It is the Leo way.

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