Libra 2017 Career - Understand Your Work Motivations

Libra Career horoscope 2017 - the Scales signThis year could be full of surprises for Libran men and women, my Libra career horoscope 2017 forecast suggests. As the peace-makers in the zodiac, Libra folk will go to great lengths to keep harmonious relationships all around them. This makes them excellent with people, charming, intelligent, charismatic and great team-players.2017 could bring unsociable working hours for them, the prospect of learning new routines at the same time as keeping everyone happy, both at home and in the workplace. Born under the sign of the Scales, Libra people are constantly weighing up their options, measuring information, intent upon reaching a fair and just decision, even though it may take them ages to finally make their minds up.2017 will make them particularly open to new friendships, to new business deals, to new ideas. They will need ice-cool logic in the workplace to make the right decisions, not the heat of the moment impulsive emotional reactions which are far removed from the natural style of Libra people anyway. They have excellent intuition and should always follow their gut-reactions.

Identifying The Libra Job Personality

For those who work in intellectual occupations, particularly in universities and colleges, you could easily contribute to some ground-breaking research this year which will mean travel to other countries as well as hosting students interested in learning from you. You will need all your wits about you and you may feel a sense of frustration on a day-to-day basis. Keep your eye on the bigger picture and things will be fine.

If you work in occupations associated with finance, accountancy, banking, real estate, outsourcing or consultancy related professions you are likely to get very mixed results this year. It will be difficult to spot any definite trends. The financial markets are unstable and despite your amicable nature and talents in bringing harmony to your workplace so that everyone pulls together, it will still be a tricky year for you. Your greatest strength will lie in being able to forge ties with other personnel in your field. You are canny enough to recognise the strength in numbers of like-minded people, but not everyone agrees with you. Sadly this is not going to be a year for big bonuses though there could be recognition of your efforts and smaller rewards for Libran folk.

For those who work in businesses, the Libra career horoscope 2017 advice is to be very careful of taking on anything very new. There will be too many risks attached to a new project this year. Office politics could be problematic as well. If you are wise you will keep quiet, tread water and not get too embroiled in arguments which you can’t win.

If, as a career, you work in creative fields, as many Libra people do, such as interior designers, creative directors, artists, engineers, publicists, makeup artists, architects, you could strike lucky this horoscope year even though you may be a bit lax in meeting your deadlines. Try not to spend too long deciding what you will wear to work and try to be more rigorous about your punctuality. Libra career horoscope 2017 charts show your intuition will serve you well and your ability to express your ideas and manifest your visualisations will enable you to make a lot of money from one impressed and interested party. Your social circle is likely to widen this year and you could easily make some life-long friends through these interactions. Be ready for some pleasant and totally unexpected surprises in 2017.

If you work in the medical profession, you may have to fit in more than one training course this horoscope year in order to learn more skills. You could also be involved in some ground-breaking research which will catch the attention of the media. Certainly, there could be major developments in your field and you will need to keep pace with what is happening. As a Libra, you could be rubbing shoulders with a lot of senior people and you will not feel uncomfortable in the slightest. Make the most of your bright personality to get people to co-operate with you and you may be surprised if there is a slight change of perspective which is all down to you.

If you are in teaching career or a human rights advocate, a lawyer or a judge, this year may go slowly for you. There will be new innovations but it will take a long time for practical day-to-day affairs to be affected. Be alert to your work environment and see if there are any ways you can brighten things up. People are generally very appreciative of your artistic skills and since you are ruled by beauty-loving Venus you are blessed with talents that can easily transform a place with only a few minor changes. You are also very clever at working within a slim budget. If there is someone who appears to be jealous of you and the attention you get, they probably are, my horoscope shows. Simply use your charm offensive and things will be fine. You have a strong sense of fair-play and a keen sense of justice so you rarely make bad decisions or act in an inappropriate way. The same can’t be said of your adversaries.

Is Your 2017 Work Motivator Money

Libran people may need to tighten their financial belts this career horoscope year due to uncertainties in the job markets. It is vital they don’t waste money buying original artworks or items of beauty to decorate their homes with if they can’t pay the bills on time. Words empower Libra folk and many of them may turn a hobby they have into some form of second income. If they do build a second career in this way, the best way forward is likely to be through attending socialite parties armed with business cards hot off the press. The Libra career horoscope 2017 tells me that Libra folk are very likely to achieve career success in 2017, my astrological charts are telling me, within their own social circles. Fund-raising comes naturally to Libra folk as does recognition through their own outstanding creative and artistic talents. They should be prepared for open admiration in anything to do with the arts and/or theatre.

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