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Analysis of the 2020 Virgo career horoscope chart shows that these people can be found across a wide range of career types. Medicine is an area that greatly attracts, requiring as it does high levels of skill, patience and a desire to serve. These individuals are also especially suited to military careers or education where a grasp of detail is required in the work is conducted within a particular structure. Writing and composing music are also areas that particularly suit these people.

2020 is a year of socialising and professional meetings for the workers of this zodiac sign. It is a period of volatility in career terms and there is a good chance there will be a significant change in the working environment. This could present itself as a relocation at work, professional advancement or completely new role requiring managerial and leadership credentials. This is a year when the people of this sign will have a chance to air their thinking at work and to share their experience beneficially with others. Appreciation this year will flow from employers due to the unique contribution these people will make. This could lead to a management role. It is certainly the case that others will greatly appreciate the Virgo workers time, availability and experience. It’s even possible that some of these individuals will be headhunted and great opportunities present themselves as a result. These should be carefully considered.

Virgo men and women can expect to be popular in the workplace this year. My insight suggests that many colleagues will be keen to work with and for these people as a sensible voice of common sense in the team. With a moderate, sensible and not overly controversial approach to work, these men and women may well be seen as the voice of informed decision-making.

As previously mentioned this is a professional year where this zodiac sign can expect to meet, mix and socialise extensively. As a result, these people may well be at the forefront of change and progress within the working environment. However, take care with romantic relationships as it will be easy to sacrifice these on the altar of professional progress this year.

Work Character

With Mercury as the ruler within Virgo, these men and women will always use head before emotion but that is not to say they are cool characters. While they may appear reserved much of that image comes from the fact that they are natural worriers individuals to whom others turn to air their problems. As sensitive individuals, these men and women are often shy in company which can be a career straight. As workers, they particularly love being of service to the team and making friends within the group. Their minds are particularly efficient and they can often take a big-picture view of a complex project or strategic work and an eye for detail means they are thorough in planning. They can however be slightly tortured souls and highly critical of their own efforts in private.

Staff – Positives Qualities

As employees, these men and women are very diplomatic, efficient and hard-working individuals are also good timekeepers with a natural humility. They are not individuals who look for a place in the limelight but they can be relied upon to deliver successfully in a low-key way behind the scenes. They have a calm temperament in moments of crisis with their feet firmly on the ground. They are acute observers of performance and people in the workplace and meticulous in what they do. These workers are extremely reliable, easy to trust and straightforwardly honest, my Virgo career horoscope shows.

Workers – Negative Traits

When considering the negative traits of these employees it is likely the most notable is that they can be over critical and condescending on occasion. Along with this, they can appear unapproachable and worrying obsessives mired in small detail. They can even be seen as selfish and individuals who are particularly tricky to deal with in some situations.

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