About Lucien Holm

Professional Astrologer 'Lucien Holm'

Lucien Holm is the pseudonym of a practising Astrology consult specialising in matters pertaining to career choice, professional planning and suitability for career types. Currently based in Dublin, 'Lucien' offers private consultations to individuals seeking insight and supporting information around application for a chosen profession or employment of an individual within a chosen profession. This work involves analysis of both the individual's birth profile and astrological movement within certain confidential criteria. It is 'Lucien's' work in astronomy that has allowed him to develop his unique approach to career profiling.

'Lucien' is currently based in Dublin, Ireland after moving with his family from eastern Europe to, first, London and then Eire. Married, with 2 children 'Lucien' continues to practice his professional consultancy while also remaining connected with Astronomical societies in Eire. Formerly an astronomy professor, 'Lucien' has developed his skill in career profiling based on a number of diverse personal, astronomical and astrological factors.

'Lucien' is currently involved with writing, lecturing and delivering his professional services to Irish and European clients. Much in demand, 'Lucien' spends his time away from Astrology enjoying family walks, James Joyce books and rugby.