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Aquarius Career Horoscope | 2019 Zodiac Summary

Work And The Aquarian Employee

Water Carrier sign 2019

Aquarius Workers

For those born under the sign of the water carrier, they can look forward to a year full of potential and promise. There appear to be many opportunities for personal growth as well as professional development. Those people within the social circle of Aquarians will be drawn to their sociable, upbeat and light-hearted demeanour. The emphasis will be very much on friendships (new and old) as well as a happy social life in 2019. There will be more stability as well as harmony for Aquarians to savour.

In the mid-summer months, there could be a domestic issue which consumes a great deal of time and thought. Aquarians, who are naturally intuitive, may need to be hard-nosed and take practical, dogmatic and assertive actions in order to solve the problem. Aquarians work well in groups and teams making strong and determined leaders. This year children and younger people will be extremely important to them and they may seek to extend their family group in some way. This could mean through fostering, adoption or natural means. The females under this sign are likely to feel more broody than usual. Ironically they could be more fertile.

Professional Financial Reward And Work

Independent, quick-thinking Aquarians often make good entrepreneurs and this year many of them may seriously consider self-employment. There are likely to be radical changes to employment in the late summer months, according to my Aquarius career horoscope 2019.

Even if your career is already well-established, you could find that others do not hold with some of your professional opinions, no matter how hard you try to force them through. Despite the fact you may be blessed with the gift of the gab alongside natural and winning charms which people respond to, your path is unlikely to be a smooth one. For this reason, many Aquarians may seek alternative employment and this another reason why self-employment may hold such an appeal this year.

For those Aquarians who are not prosperous, you may be keen to create a certain impression of yourself. You could even try to re-invent your persona, by dressing well and accessorising yourself to appear more wealthy, affluent and successful than you actually are. Many are likely to be taken in by this tactic although you should refrain from trying to manipulate the situation further to your advantage as things could backfire.

Personal income is liable to fluctuate in 2019 and there may be a need to consolidate existing debts. Personal loans may be a consideration for Aquarian folk. Those born under the water-carrier sign may find they have to budget and re-budget a few times this year. There could be the temptation of unnecessary expenditure and impulse buying which should be avoided at all costs.

The up-side of this is that your intuition will be extremely sharp. Big dividends could be coming your way from an opportunity which others will miss but you will see. Where others see decline and decay, you will spot a golden opportunity to make money. Aquarians are keen problem-solvers and they love a challenge. With a fair wind and a bit of luck, you could make a serious pile of money through your own endeavours.

In the latter part of the year, finances will improve and there are likely to be pay raises and promotions. There could also be an influx of cash through a tax issue, an insurance claim or a small inheritance.

Which Career Suits An Aquarius Person?

This could be a year of radical changes driven along by boredom, disillusionment and frustration in your current job. Aquarians can be headstrong when it comes to their career pathway and are likely to be extremely focused. They are naturally talented people and with their sharp focus, intelligence and sometimes quirky way of approaching things it is highly likely that many will step into unknown territory in the job market by striking out on their own.

Despite the fact that seniors may notice and even comment on your commitment and dedication to duty this is unlikely to change your final course of action.

For those who work in business, you may go to great lengths to dress the part and appear more successful than you are. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and will give off the desired impression. However, all Aquarians make excellent salespeople, and with their dry humour, well-rehearsed patter and natural wit you could sell ice to the Eskimos if you chose to. It wouldn’t matter how you presented yourself. If there are any commissions to be had you will be first in line and extremely successful in achieving them.

For those in creative fields, scientific research, inventors, computer programmers, you could find yourself questioning some of the methods being used and then your mind is likely to wander. You may not be fully accepting of changes and this could mean you start to look further afield.

Aquarians have a strong humanitarian side and you may seek to use your skills abroad helping those in under-developed countries. You could find your creative side needs more challenge and this is when you could take a leap of faith and explore new and more radical ways to make money. This is likely to be a completely unchartered based on absolute belief in yourself and your abilities.

If you are involved in medical professions like doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and carers you could become emotionally attached to a younger person. Those born under the sign of Aquarius often have a natural affinity with young people and you will enjoy cultivating them, bringing our talents and teaching them how to assert themselves. Elderly people may sense your natural empathy and charitable side. You could be the medic that everyone requests to see. Even though you will appreciate this gesture, you may be feeling exhausted by the work-load and by the injustice of some decisions made with regard to the availability of certain drugs for the common good, for example. Your sense of justice may kick in hard and because of a deeply-rooted frustration, you may seek to work elsewhere, perhaps in a more philanthropic capacity where you are able to help whole communities as opposed to individuals.

For the Aquarius people involved in technology, this could be an interesting year for you where you feel the pace of change is just too rapid. Despite being highly skilled and extremely capable you will quickly recognize that you will achieve most and best in a team situation. You are very adaptable and may recognize this in yourself as one of the qualities that could be very useful to you should you choose to work for yourself.

Although not all Aquarians may choose the route of self-employment this year, many of you may be making a mental note about how things could be done differently, if you were in charge. A seed may be planted for the future in 2019 although many of you may take the plunge this year and enjoy the renewed enthusiasm, adrenalin rush and excitement that working for yourself brings.

For those in established relationships, it is highly likely you may feel less comfortable with your partner, particularly in the late spring and early summer months. There could be rifts and bitterness between you, but part of the problem might be your preoccupation and dissatisfaction with work. Since you have not been very happy in your situation for some time it could be your lack of transparency and unwillingness to discuss the situation that is part of the problem. Your partner may have been feeling shut out.

If you can take time to discuss things frankly, there may be a happy solution, my Aquarius career horoscope 2019 charting shows. Friendships will be very important to you this year and good friends are likely to rally around you if they see there are domestic problems.

For the single Aquarian there could be romance this year and offers of marriage. There could be second marriages or even third marriages for older Aquarians.

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