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This is a year when relationships for Cancer people are likely to come under deep scrutiny. Crab folk are more likely to suffer from black moods this year since they could become a bit more self-obsessed than usual. There are potentially many reasons for this inward-looking phase which includes a house move, worry over an elderly relative who needs alternative accommodation and also an addition to the family. That is not to mention the hard times they may face in their working life.

Cancer people are likely to be drawn to intellectual pursuits as a means of escape in 2019 and may find that although friends and family offer their support it is not enough to lift their depressive mood. The good news is that those who are looking for a new job are most likely to find it close to their home, in fact almost on their doorstep and money will not be a particular worry even though Crab folk like to feel as secure as possible, always squirrelling money for a rainy day.

Cancer folk are one of the signs least likely to rush into a new or permanent relationship without doing an incredible amount of soul-searching and questioning of motives. There could be the parting of ways early on in the year, but a new and very uplifting relationship is likely to appear on the horizon once the summer months have passed.

For the single Cancerian, life will prove interesting and stimulating. Being drawn to the more emotional types Cancer folk may look for partners who are slightly older and more experienced than them. A relationship with an older person will be stable and offer much sought after security as well as peace of mind. Those looking for love are unlikely to find anything lasting this year, although there could be lots of fun on a superficial level.

The emphasis this year is likely to be on Cancer’s organizational abilities. It’s true there could be more than one spotlight on their careers and even those who are only in temporary employment this year are likely to find full-time employment before the year is out. Some Cancer people may experience fragile health and could welcome the opportunity to work from home for a bit or even go part-time.

Monetary Reward From Commitment At Work

Crab folk will find many opportunities to make money this year although this may not be through entirely conventional means. Money-making could also be spasmodic and come in an unexpected and novel way, my Cancer career horoscope 2019 charts indicate.

Domestic responsibilities are likely to impose an unwanted financial drain on resources, both personal and professional and so stretching a limited amount of money may prove a harder challenge than usual. The good news is that Crab people should benefit from an unexpected inheritance not necessarily connected with the death of a close relative. Some may win money through sheer good luck. Despite political uncertainty, Crab folk will still manage their outgoings really well and long-term investments will prove beneficial in an unexpected way.

What Career Is Best For Cancer People

There are likely to be an awful lot of decisions and far too many sustainable pressures on the shoulders of Cancer people in their employment in 2019. They may need to seek help and guidance from others this year in order to sustain their workload. They need to remember that help will come from others only if they request it. One of the biggest lessons this year for Crab folk to is to listen to the advice they are given and follow it.

There could be job opportunities very close to home for Cancerians who are currently unemployed and is it highly likely that a temporary job could lead to something more permanent and very fulfilling. Cancer folk should avoid being too discriminating in choosing what to do with themselves in the world of work otherwise they could end up with nothing.

Short-distance travel is likely this year in connection with employment although more of it than usual. This could become tiring which is why some people born under this water-sign may opt to work from home. At the end of the day, they may need to admit that while they can be super-efficient and super-organized, physically work will take its toll and there need to be coping strategies set up to deal with both mental and physical exhaustion.

My Cancer career horoscope 2019 analysis shows that for those in professional employment, corporate executives, lawyers, computer systems analysts or programmers you may be asked to share much of your expertise with new audiences. This is likely to mean a lot of preparation beforehand as well as consideration of the latest research. Competition may well be fierce in this area and, particularly in global markets, however, my astrological findings suggest that Cancer people particularly are skilled in managing detail. This is a year to impress others with your efficiency and ability to produce the most-up-to-date examples of good practice which are financially viable as well as cutting-edge.

For those who work with children or families, sometimes in home-based businesses, you could feel emotionally drained despite your expertise at avoiding pitfalls. Indeed you may face cases which tug at your heartstrings. The astrological chart suggests you should avoid getting too emotionally involved. This may prove hard since your sense of nurturing may overwhelm you causing you to retreat into yourself. Hence, friends and associates will be subject to the intense black moods described earlier. There may be the need for very frank discussion and it could be that Cancer folk approach many different people in high office to highlight causes particularly close to their heart-strings.

If you are in a creative or artistic profession, like an editor, a writer, an art gallery owner or an interior designer this year is going to test your skills and your patience. Your natural talents are going to be under rigorous scrutiny and you may have to use your all bargaining skills to secure a commission. This process could drain you emotionally. Despite your flair and talents your good name and your reputation could still follow rather a rocky path. There could be some criticism of your work from an unexpected source. This is when your hard shell may close over and you will retreat. There could be a period of deep introspection where you will question everything in the minutest detail. Profit margins will increase this year though not as much as you would like. This could lead to you feeling insecure and you may even question your own abilities. This could become dangerous territory if you become too introspective so try not to be too hard in yourself.

If you are in one of the medical professions, like doctor, nurse, counsellor, psychiatrist, psychologist or carer, this could be a hard year because of the emotional drain on the very core of your being. There may be more travel than usually is associated with this work and this is another area which you may need to address. If your body is telling you to slow down you should not ignore it. Managing time and your fluctuating energy levels may be among the biggest challenges you have to face in 2019. Coupled with some problems on the domestic front, you may feel rather over-burdened. This may mean you retreat into your shell and to others, who don’t know you well enough, your moods will appear black making you unapproachable, cold, distant and standoffish.

Shift work could prove more of a challenge for you this year than last year and you may need to seek medical advice yourself about your slowing metabolism. Getting the right balance of nutrients could be the key to the problem, as well as getting enough rest and relaxation.

For business people, the 2019 Career horoscope for Cancer indicates the markets may prove more problematic than usual and even you may struggle to get the best deals, cancer 2019 astrology forecasts show. Despite the fact that you always dig deep and make thoughtful and thoroughly researched business decisions, even you may flounder. Common sense needs to prevail this year, where you may need to find practical solutions to problems rather than spouting theoretical rhetoric. It could be that a more hands-on approach is the answer. Certainly, you will find that you need other people far more than in the past. It is likely that the best deals will some through joint ventures. You may be called upon for advice about an aspect of budgeting, so don’t be surprised if others try to pick your brains. Being a natural leader you are more than ready to assist others and give credit where credit is due.

Although this year is going to be challenging and many Cancer folks will simply retreat under their shells, my astrological charts suggest that by the end of the year Cancer folk will eventually come out on top and will be able to reflect on what they have learnt as well as new ways to lighten up. They may need to look to their diets if afflicted by an underlying health problem that won’t go away. It could be due to a lack of nutrients are finding the right balance of nutrients to suit their slowing metabolism.

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