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2019 is likely to be a year when things don’t stand still. There could be many changes, both on the domestic and home front as well as professionally and in the job market. For Gemini folk, who can be very impatient, this will be good news. Gemini, who are blessed with many talents (multi-talented is a phrase that is often used to describe them), the stimulation of change and what it can facilitate will be very welcome. There could be a house move because of a move in employment location. There could be changes in your family group, maybe additions to the family, marriages, and older family members needing more support. Either way, there is likely to be a relocation of some sort for those born under the sign of the Twins.

There are also likely to be changes in finances, for the better, might I add, where more money is coming in through a raise or promotion at work. With fingers in so many pies, Gemini folk may actually benefit from many things simultaneously.

One of the main changes for Gemini folk this year will be through a new and challenging work environment where you will be mentally tested and not bored, at least in the initial stages. You could also become involved in charitable work which will provide you with great satisfaction in being able to make a real difference to people. Your innovative ideas will be welcomed and since your mental energy is high, your advice, quick-thinking, application and experience will be much sought after. Other areas that will give you greatest benefits are likely to come through home, family and your own creativity.

Fiscal Considerations From Employment

This year Gemini folk will experience an improvement in their finances since it is likely they have been managing and budgeting quite well. Where many Gemini folk are notorious for not managing money, the truth is they have the potential to make an awful lot of the stuff and this year they are likely to benefit from a small and/or modest inheritance. The money is likely to be just enough to make a difference to them the Gemini career horoscope 2019 study reveals.

In their careers, there could be many opportunities for earning higher wages they could be rewarded more than generously for their skills, expertise, and time given. Geminis may be sought after this year for their highly specialized skill- sets and experience. While Gemini has probably discovered new ways to make money, their token amounts could actually amount to something far more substantial, although I would advise them to think very carefully before investing in the stock market. It’s no good just taking a punt for the fun of it, although this might appeal to the Gemini mindset. Luckily the urge to gamble money may have disappeared this year and Gemini folk will be keen to listen to see how others, particularly Cancerians manage their earnings.

Gemini folk enjoy challenges and gain much from an adrenalin rush in their careers. This year is destined to be a very exciting one with many opportunities to change jobs and maybe even follow a completely new career pathway. Many Gemini could be attracted to free-lance work where they will have opportunities to travel. Some may even be drawn to working abroad since they loathe humdrum and office routines. Whatever they decide this year has the potential for them to solve difficult problems and gain respect for their unique contributions.

Which Work Choices Suit A Gemini Man Or Woman?

Teaching may prove to be an attractive option for them and the possibility of working abroad very alluring. There could be financial rewards which prove a big temptation. Gemini folk are ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of data. There could be a job opportunity which had something to do with communication.

For those in professional employment, you are likely to find that there are many exciting pathways for you to choose from. Some of them may require further study, but this will not be off-putting for you. You are likely to meet like-minded people this year and it appears your creativity will be useful, as will your ability to think quickly, on your feet and come up with reasonable solutions to management issues. Since there are many changes in the office this year, it is unlikely to become the sterile officious environment you loathe. There could be a big financial reward for you as well as career advancement in the mid-summer months.

For those in journalism or creative and artistic professions, your feet will not stand still. You will be called upon to travel, to explore new project possibilities, to write new articles, to take calculated risks. There is unlikely to be anyone looking over your shoulder and you will be given the freedom to research in whatever area you see fit. There appear to be more than the average amount of phone calls and texts made this year, also e-mails and faxes sent. Your natural inquisitive mind will be put to the test and there will be plenty of stimulating projects and packages of work to keep you on your toes, both mentally and physically.

If you are in one of the medical professions such as a doctor, nurse, counsellor, psychiatrist and/or carer your world will not stand still this year either. There will be many more financial rewards within your grasp and you will not feel that you are stuck and underpaid or taken for granted. Quite the opposite in fact. 2019 looks to be a stimulating and exciting year for you with many people head-hunting you for your innovative thinking and cutting-edge approach.

For business people, this could be a year when you strike it big. You will be out on the road, far more than last year and this sense of freedom will suit you well. As an entrepreneur, you are likely to find a niche in the market which will excite and enthral you and others. People you know might be jealous of your success.

Gemini men and women are likely to feel that past mistakes in relationships are not going to be repeated this year. This may make them hesitant but there are good healthy love-relationship out there for the taking. Take care not to over-analyse someone or a new relationship that is just starting out. Your most compatible signs are air and fire signs and prospects for love relationship in the sign of The Twins are extremely bright and promising. For those who are newly divorced, there could be a new relationship just around the corner and for those who have deliberately chosen the single life. you could be very pleasantly surprised too.

Whatever happens this year, there is definitely romance in the air and there are likely to be additions to the family, not only through babies but also grandchildren and sets of twins. My astrological chart suggests you should keep a very open mind and wait to see what happens. It might be very far removed from what you are expecting.

Gemini folk may be prone to more throat infections than usual this year, also bronchial or asthmatic problems. They should seek medical advice for persistent coughs. Those who are feeling more physically fatigued than usual should organize proper breaks from routines. Getting too stressed with work is not beneficial to you, but you should be warned about over-experimentation with alternative therapies and seek proper medical advice. It may be a question of slowing down and taking life at a less ferocious pace.

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