Gemini Career Horoscope Summary For Employees In 2020

Gemini Employment Horoscope 2020 Introduction

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What Jobs Are Good For Gemini

Gemini career horoscope analysis reveals that people born under this zodiac sign are intelligent, highly creative and skilled. As a result, these men and women often find their way into professions involving communication. Typical employments can include journalism, marketing, songwriting, publishing and broadcasting. Occupations that offer a great deal of variety and most attractive to these people as vehicles to channel their imagination and plethora of new ideas. Daily variety and unpredictability with a lot of human interaction is an ideal location for people of this sign.

My forecast analysis for 2020 reveals that Gemini men and women can expect an especially intense employment year. Indicators show that these men and women will need to focus and act with great responsibility to meet professional obligations. This may be the year to give adventurism a back seat and focus on managing pressure and meeting employment commitments. This is also a great year for development as a professional person and there are suggestions that travel will play an important part for these people over this year.

This is a year where the people of this zodiac sign can expect to be employed on one or more difficult professional task which will require great patience, commitment and perseverance. On the plus side, achievement in these areas will attract the attention of managers and other seniors who will admire the level of focus applied. This could also be a year for major decision-making but also potentially some health challenges which may arise from stress and pressure in the workplace. However, Gemini people are well equipped to handle this pressure. If there is an opportunity to appear a little less serious with a sense of humour at work then it should be taken.

Self-tuition and professional education look to be important this year and these men and women may find themselves on a personal quest for knowledge. Expertise gained by investing in this education could pay real dividends in the workplace and in progress professionally.

The early part of 2020 is a period where important decisions may need to be made regarding employment. There is a lucrative dimension to this should be borne in mind. These decisions may include working from home or setting up a personal business. This is a year when these men and women will take greater responsibility for their own actions and therefore will be more guarded against rash workplace or business decisions. Undoubtedly Gemini men and women will face and make significant decisions this year which may lead to a lot of life changes and a possible journey of self-discovery.

Employees Workplace Characteristics

These employees are prone to boredom when facing an insufficient challenge in the workplace, my Gemini career horoscope shows. They can become restless and cast eyes further afield for greater challenges. However, there are also highly entertaining co-workers with great humour and wit. Their ability with communication and the use of words means they often ascend the promotion ladder quite quickly which can attract jealousy from colleagues. Observers of Gemini employees can mistake their natural talent and work ethic for dishonesty and professional aspiration. As fast thinkers, these workers have a natural ability to mix well in the workplace which can make very popular. Men and women of this sign are thinkers and enjoy absorbing new information whether professional skill-based or simply the latest gossip. They are bright inquisitive and eloquent workers that have a liking for change and challenge. They are motivated by adventure and the opportunity for innovation and experimentation. Such characteristics can lead them to look for new employment at a moments notice and they can leave projects unfinished once the attraction and challenge become routine.

Workers – Positive Traits

Men and women of this zodiac sign are idea generators, highly creative and ingenious. Born with a great sense of humour and inquisitiveness about the world they are gregarious and smart people. There natural playfulness and love of music endear them to friends and colleagues alike.

Workers - Negative Characteristics

The quick minds of these workers can lead to carelessness, impatience and lack of punctuality. They are great starters but not so great finishes and are always looking to move onto the next challenge. These employees find it difficult to commit themselves to a single area of work and therefore can sometimes not build sufficient knowledge for overall success. They can, without malice aforethought, hurt others with the quickness of their mind and their use of words.

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