Leo Career Horoscope | 2019 Forecasting Insight

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Leo employees are suited to this

Leo folk are likely to be preoccupied with friendships and relationships this year. This includes professional relationships as well as personal ones. They are likely to be very home-centred and family life will be paramount to them. There will be lots of opportunities to entertain and since these men and women make absolutely charming hosts, it is highly likely they will have a fabulous time. If they entertain business clients these meetings will be sweet and memorable. There will be many good deals struck with the charisma of  Leo behind them, not to mention the backup of their confidence, magnetism and super-efficient organisational skills.

Leo men and women like nothing better than to be appreciated and this year they will not need to seek out others to praise them. As highly intuitive individuals men and women born under the sign of the Lion will find their home-making skills maintain their happiness and contentment in their family lives.

The Financial Advantages Of Your Work

Money could be a bit of an issue this year but in a good way. There are many opportunities coming up to make a lot of it. Being less stressed and less worried about work will not impede the flow of regular income. This is an extremely lucky and prosperous year for men and women born under the sign of the Lion.

The 2019 Leo career horoscope suggests there could be challenges from colleagues and seniors in work, but Leo folk are equipped with the right answers in 2019 and in the face of any opposition or adversity they will know exactly the right words to use. If all else fails, they will seek out the right people to talk to and all will be well. It is likely that seniors and employers alike will be impressed by the business acumen of these people and my astrological chart suggests that the maximum can be achieved with the minimum of effort. My astrological findings further indicate that those in businesses particularly will strike some very good deals and good fortune will be theirs for the best part of this year.

Leo folk are unlikely to take their eye off the ball, even though for some it could become a lazy year. Serious career advancement is most likely to come in the later summer months. There could be bonuses and advancements in this period.

For those Leo folk particularly interested in finances, my astrological findings suggest you and your partner will be very keen to make money, but your focus may then being on spending it, whilst your partner is more likely to want to save it.

This year is indicated to make a big impact on your personal life and younger people are going to play a big part in that. Leo folk may feel very protective of youngsters, both at home and in the work environment. For the single Leo, it is highly probable that an office-based friendship could blossom into a full-blown romance but there may be a major age gap between the two of you.

Leo’s enthusiasm for life means that their gregarious and social nature will serve them well in whatever employment they are in. Leo men and women make great social secretaries. There could be a sort of transformation in the Leo character this year where emotional and deep connections with people are going to hold the most appeal to them. This will include both professional and personal relationships.

Schmoozing with the right people will help Leo get themselves noticed and this year they will start to take their career paths very seriously indeed. Leo folk may find they will be called upon to host people at home and at work. They may even ask to go that extra mile and offer accommodation.

For those Leo characters in the world of entertainment (and there are many ), whether actors, performers, dancers and/or public speakers, this year will go well for you. Your audiences will immediately recognise your unique gifts and talents. They will be appreciative and receptive towards you. There will be plenty of work and you may not have to even advertise in the latter part of the year. The money will flow easily and effortlessly into your pockets and as well as public accolades you will get sponsorships and a diverse range of monetary subsidies and rewards. There could be some payment in kind.

What Work Is Best For Leo?

For those who are in professional employment like teachers, counsellors and lawyers, you will thrive in classrooms and courtrooms alike. With your natural flair and creative talents, others will allow you freedom and a free reign to fully express yourself. I do not foresee any obstacles and you are likely to thrive in your chosen employment area. Job security need not be a worry for you since big rewards are destined to come your way.

For those Leo folk who work in business, be prepared for a highly successful year where people are more likely to seek out your expertise than the other way around. If you ever lacked self-confidence, although others would never guess at it, 2019 will be a year when your self-esteem is going to rise to new heights.

If you are in a management role, a religious leader or even in sales, your insight into people’s characters will enable you to become the front-runner, and even the head of operations. Without even trying too hard you are going to impress all the right people and with your natural wit, humour and enthusiasm you are going to become a very popular and highly valued member of the workforce. There could be a mentoring role for you which will enable you to help and guide youngsters in training. Certainly, for whoever comes into your circle, there is likely to be much hilarity and pulling together to make the right things happen in the right order.

For those who are self-employed, 2019 will be an excellent year for you to develop your skills, then advertise yourself effectively in order to achieve great things. If you are an artist, a children’s author, a personal trainer or a motivator, you will do exceptionally well this year. If you are in charge of a creative empire, a fashion designer, game developer or even animal trainer you will not have a problem recruiting good people to help you, no matter how high you set the bar. You are destined to be very successful in whatever field you choose.

You are likely to stay quite fit and healthy this year even though you might develop asthma or some minor chest problems associated with your breathing. There could be some dietary choices to make although the answer will be a common sense approach- most likely to eat smaller meals on a regular basis, Leo.

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