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The Libran Horoscope Work Outlook

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This year will be filled with social events for Libran men and women. Libra folk make superb hosts and hostesses and are happy to operate in a whirl of social activity. With their natural charm, intelligence and wit, Libran folk are likely to be very popular in the workplace. This year is likely to give them opportunities to work from home. They should be wary of mixing working life with social life, which is a real danger in this situation.

2019 will certainly herald much success for these folk and they will be able to buy expensive luxurious items for their homes.

Born under the sign of the Scales, Librans are constantly using their powers of reason to make choices and weigh up their options.

They could find that younger people inspire their thinking and revive their thought-processes. Libra individuals are inclined to take their time when making decisions. Libran females may go through a broody phase where their thinking may become cloudy. They may be keen to embark on renovation projects in the home.

Employment-Related Financial Rewards For Career Libra's

This is likely to be a very prosperous employment year where large profits to come to Libran people through investments. There are unlikely to be any remaining debts by the end of the year and the bank balance of people born under the sign of the Scales looks extremely healthy.

My astrological charts suggest that Libran folk may have felt stressed about money but 2019 will be different. Salaries are likely to be higher than ever before and those who have been saving will be pleased with the rate of growth in their funds.

Libra men and women can be very articulate and are talented in areas which involve good communication. In retail, sales, teaching or advertising, Libran folk are highly likely to excel. They may also stand out from the crowd in other fields like telecommunications and the media industries. For those involved in marketing, they are the folk most likely to create new avenues and impress their employers.

Libran Men And Women Career And Profession Types In Summary

My Libra job astrological charts suggest that 2019 will hold many new challenges for Libran folk yet they are likely to find work very stimulating and exciting, despite the long hours.

Which Careers Will Suit Librans?

For those who work in intellectual occupations, particularly in universities and colleges, you are likely to be called upon by others to share your expertise and knowledge. This may involve travel to different countries. If you are involved in personal research there will be a very generous funding allowance to enable you to cover new ground. You could find that your organizational skills are tested the most since there will be so much new information for you to process. Keep your wits about you and enjoy the fact that others want to share your expertise and learn from you.

The 2019 Libra career horoscope shows that if you work in occupations associated with finance, accountancy, banking, real estate, outsourcing or consultancy related professions you are likely to be extremely lucky in spotting financial trends. it could be that your gut-reaction and strong intuition guide you. Others may consider you rather smug when you are so successful. Despite the fact that the financial markets are highly unpredictable you seem to have a natural ability to spot trends and make largely accurate forecasts. Use your natural charms and innate financial intelligence to convince others of your thoughts even though some may regard you with suspicion. You will be surprised at the numbers of people you can win over with your cool logic and charismatic charms. Of course, you will also be able to argue your case very convincingly. This is likely to be a year of big bonuses and your efforts will receive much recognition.

For those who work in businesses, you will not have to worry about funding this year. You will be surprised at the budget available to you, clearly people trust your judgments and ability to spend wisely. Be sure you don’t get too carried away with the high level of responsibility on your shoulders. If you do feel stressed, seek out other colleagues on your wavelength, who you know you can trust, to have a friendly chat. Be wary of someone who may be extremely jealous of your ability and success.

If you work in creative fields, such as interior designers, creative directors, artists, engineers, publicists, makeup artists, architects 2019 is likely to be a very successful year for you. You may find you are given the luxury of working from home. Take care that you don’t feel a bit isolated in this situation and turn your attention to personal home renovations when you should be working. You are blessed with a vivid imagination which will enable you to express your ideas really well and describe the finished article in great detail. Try not to be late for meetings and, more importantly, Skype sessions.

If you work in the medical profession you may be surprised by an opportunity to advance which comes out of the blue. You could easily be asked to travel more and offered rich monetary rewards. You could also become involved in training others in a particular skill where you are considered to be the expert. Don’t be surprised by the amount of attention you are given. Seniors have had their eye on you for some time and this is an excellent year for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Those female Librans who are feeling more family-orientated may be torn between their domestic and professional lives. The desire to have a baby may be particularly strong this year. My astrological chart suggests that the pathway to most happiness will come first and foremost through the family. Libra folk are often blessed with bright personalities and winning smiles. Use this to your advantage and convince the right people to give you a sabbatical so that you can have your family time and then resume your post.

If you are in teaching or a human rights advocate, a lawyer or a judge, this is an excellent year for your voice to be heard. You will find changes stimulating and will be eager to implement new processes, policies and research. Others are likely to come to you for help and advice. You could be called upon to lecture to others and/or write ground-breaking articles. I do foresee a heavy workload in writing. This could be in reports or new policies.

As a natural workaholic, you may find you can stimulate others to be more productive this year. You will also find people appreciate your artistic talents and your ability to make folk co-operate with one another and work together in harmony. You are ruled by beauty-loving Venus and you may buy some beautiful objects for your home and work environment. Others will appreciate your keen eye for colour.

You may feel that you are happily married and are not seeking changes in your current relationship. This is absolutely right. 2019 is a year when you and your partner are likely to grow together and share much warmth and happiness. For the single Libra man or woman, you are likely to remain single, but should not be adverse to some unexpected romantic liaisons that turn up out of the blue. You are likely to attract the most attention in the late summer months. If there is any disharmony at home, this will quickly disappear when you use your charm offensive and skills in the art of diplomacy, Libra.

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