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Pisces people may feel it is time to show off their talents in 2019. When creativity and imagination are needed, there is no one better to give it than those born under the sign of the Fish. Although they may be dreamers, this year they are likely to be extremely focused, knowing what they do want and what they don’t want. Pisces men and women will be in no mood to accept anything less than what is right for them personally in 2019.

Pisces folk may feel restless and restricted by office routines or by other protocol. They are likely to be desperate to break away from existing establishments and spread their wings. This year those born under the sign of Pisces are going to feel a deep need to be true to themselves. This may mean breaking ties with the past and finding opportunities that suit them better.

They are most likely to be attracted to careers in public relations, information exchanges, the media and the arts. They will be wanting to broaden their horizons and one way to do this will be through expanding their social circle. From the mid-summer months onwards their social calendar is likely to be extremely busy and filled with numerous and diverse engagements. The likelihood is that some of these appointments will lead to business deals or to new outlets. Pisces folk might even go to work abroad this year. There are likely to be very few obstacles in their way.

Financial Portents For Pisces

It is highly unlikely that these individuals will struggle with money this year, according to my Pisces career horoscope 2019 charts. Many opportunities to pay off existing debts are destined to come and providing they resist the urge to spend on impulse, they could accumulate significant sums. There might be the opportunity to make some sort of joint investment which appears to be highly lucrative in the longer term. My astrological chart suggests that providing Pisces can maintain their loan-free status, they should benefit from healthy investments and also be paid back money owing to them that has been long overdue.

There will always be the pull of the interest-free credit card for this water sign, but if Pisces can be determined enough and strong enough to resist this lure, all will be well.

The Best Career Choices For Pisces People?

This is most definitely a year for change where Pisces folk will feel driven to step out into the unknown and make their mark in new places. It could mean the start of a brand new career, it could mean the first job, it could mean employment overseas or even working for themselves on a freelance or commission basis. Whatever it is, Pisces folk are likely to be less fanciful and more focused than in the past. With their imaginative flair, they can be very adaptable in the workplace and this will operate in their favour in 2019.

Some may be drawn into the world of glamour, finding themselves completely at home amongst designers, models and photographers. They could find work on film sets where their creativity would be particularly advantageous to their career prospects. With their natural ability to win people over and engage naturally with people from different backgrounds Pisces folk would be completely at home in a make-believe world. If they are at all hesitant this year it will be due to making sure they are seeing everything clearly and not through rose-tinted spectacles as they may have done in the past.

This year those born under the sign of the Fish are likely to be driven with an ambition to take the top jobs and be the boss. They may have an abundance of ideas for running things their way, even though some of them might seem to be slightly crazy and unhinged. Ironically the more outrageous ideas might just work well where others have failed.

For those working in Human Resources, you could be travelling a lot more in your job than you are used to. You may find that making people redundant has become such a very distasteful process that you will go ahead and suggest innovative ways of keeping more people in their jobs. Seniors might just listen and take your proposals forward.

For those Pisces people who work in large institutions or corporations, you will want to spread your wings this year and break down all restrictions. Those born under this sign are likely to be most successful in joint ventures and there appears to be much co-operation with others on large projects in my astrological findings.

In caregiving organisations, you will thrive, my Pisces career horoscope 2019 analysis suggests. Your compassion and natural empathy for people will shine through. There could be a natural niche for you in education, perhaps working with the less able or those with special needs. Pisces people make excellent spiritual leaders giving inspiration, guidance and much needed support to those in distress or emotional pain.

Other places for Pisces to find a natural home this year include hospices, health institutions, retreats, hospitals and charities. No one is better equipped to give care and guidance to the ailing, the sick and/or the vulnerable. You could find yourself working in mental health organisations this year where your counsel, expertise and skill will be much sought after. Pisces are not people who watch the clock in their jobs, rather they give from generous and genuine hearts. They are natural healers who exude warmth and sincerity.

As artists, photographers, musicians, filmmakers and physical therapists, Pisces people are likely to be extremely successful and there could be some real recognition given to your contributions. This could take the shape of an advancement or promotion which you are not expecting. The end of the year is likely to be extremely successful for you offering you the big break you have been waiting for.

2019 is an excellent year for romance and if there have been difficulties and problems in the past, there appears to be nothing stopping the flow this year. Those who want marriage will get the go ahead. There could be marriage overseas. The summer months look set to be an extremely sensuous time and even in more mature relationships, new ideas will bring freshness back into partnerships. People who get involved with Pisces this year are likely to be trustworthy and sincere.

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