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Employment And The Sagittarius Worker

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Sagittarius job prospects

Sagittarians are destined to be getting ready for a new phase in their lives in 2019, my sagittarius career horosocpe shows. They will feel more focused and ready for action than ever before. No one will be able to deter them from this course and friends and family may find them tricky to deal with. Sagittarian men and women may new to build bridges with some of their long-term friends if they have become distant with them and/or too fixated on other things.

2019 is likely to be a time when Sagittarian folk learn from others. They love reading and this year they could be drawn to academic study, to additional courses and attending conferences in their free time. They may feel that they have not been so fortunate in their employment these last couple of years. In 2019 their ambitions are likely to surface but it will be status that attracts them more than salary. Ultimately, but not necessarily immediately, their salaries will match their status.

Through this year of training, studying, attending courses, independent reading and action research, the likelihood is that many Sagittarians will achieve great successes. There could be further development and expansion as the year passes on and good foundations will be laid in 2019 to make way for excellent career prospects in 2020.

It is not impossible that there could be a house move this year and Sagittarians should not be afraid to ask for help. With their winning smiles and bright, magnetic personalities they should be able to draw enough people in to help make things run smoothly on the domestic front.

Fiscal Considerations About Work

Since ambitions, particularly on a personal level, are likely to run high this year, money will flow in steadily making you more financially stable. Many folks born under the zodiac sign of the Archer could look to serious investments and be drawn to property, possibly to restaurants or even hotels. Work could become all-consuming for people born under the sign of the Archer and many Sagittarians will continue to take their good health for granted. Those who explore new diets and detoxing regimes should take proper medical advice first and those who engage in sports should be careful of muscle strain.

My Sagittarius career horoscope 2019 study indicates that this sign often thrives in self-employment. Sitting still and being bored is one of their biggest enemies. Luckily there will be lots to occupy them in 2019 and opportunities to further themselves through intensive study programmes will bring them new opportunities and advancement in the longer term.

Sagittarians should be able to pay off any debts owing this year and there could be money coming to them out-of-the-blue. This is likely to be connected with an inheritance of some sort though not necessarily because of the passing of a close family member. Since Sagittarian men and women are not always the most sensible with money, they should avoid any madcap schemes which could see them blowing the lot in a frenzy of stupidity.

With their natural optimism, sense of justice and fairness, infectious sense of humour, self- confidence, drive and determination, good intuition and bright personalities my astrological charts suggest Sagittarians are likely to be an unstoppable force in 2019, wanting to learn new skills, equipping themselves with the latest technologies, taking on board all advice given to them, talking and listening to the experts in their fields.

Working Environments That Suit Sagittarius

For those who work with words, for example, in the publishing industry, as an author, a motivational speaker, a writer of travel guides or freelance, there will be many opportunities for you to advance through embracing the latest technology, attending seminars which keep you up-to-date with current trends and thinking. You could find yourself attending parties where you meet new and very influential people. Your natural ability to make people laugh will draw you into the best circles and I do foresee many conversations taking place with the right people at the right time.

If you work in design or in a creative department, or if you are in sales, this year will allow you time to absorb new information, to follow your passions and learn new techniques from the most successful and talented people in new work environments. There could be travel to new destinations involved which will please you immensely, the Sagittarius career horoscope 2019 suggests.

If you are working on the international stage, as a human rights organiser, an environmentalist or freelance, you will discover a new way to negotiate with people and find yourself in group situations where you can learn from professionals and work collectively with others who inspire you and demand your respect. For once you are likely to follow the lead rather than create the lead, though this is not a permanent situation.

If you work in the medical professions such as doctors, nurses, psychiatrist, psychologist, carers or if you have specific responsibilities for helping people with disabilities, there will be more courses and training for you. There will also be a lot of reading. You will be attracted to the latest journals, to the cutting-edge research, but rather than giving presentations, you could find yourself listening to others more qualified than you, attending conferences, being sent away to learn from specialists, gathering together information and cascading your thoughts back to others. While you are unlikely to be the lead this year, you will be amassing new skills all the time and learning new techniques that will stand you in good stead for the years that follow. Sagittarians are notorious for being life-long learners. Many of them collect multiple degrees in their lifetimes.

If you work in business, you certainly won’t stand still. You are more likely to be on the road most of the time, exploring new horizons carving out new deals, testing new markets but essentially learning from the people you meet while expanding your client base. You could be attracted to life in the fast lane and find yourself in the company of tycoons and business magnates. Mixing with entrepreneurs in this way could lead you to spend time with true capitalists and moguls.

This could be a testing year for personal relationships since Sagittarians often find it hard to remain loyal to one person. There could be new and exciting people entering your life in the spring months of 2019 and certainly, you will have more freedom than before to socialize and make new contacts. You are likely to remain single if you are single this year and for those who are married nothing much is likely to change the status quo for zodiac Sagittarians.

Lucien Holm

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