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Scorpio the scorpion symbolFor those born under the watery sign of the Scorpion, Scorpio 2018 an excellent time to reap the rewards from past endeavours. It is also a very positive period bringing with it much joy and happiness both in home life and in the career.

My Scorpio career horoscope 2018 study shows that for those who have experienced a negative working situation, perhaps feeling trapped in a dead-end job, this year will make you feel much freer and more enthusiastic about challenges to come. There will be an inner peace and harmony in Scorpio folk and you will work through the issues that have been weighing you down. You may also become more fun-loving and gregarious in the company of others.

In your home life, you may experience small negativity, perhaps in connection with difficult teenagers experiencing hormonal problems, but overall family relationships are positive even though others may try to land their troubles on your doorstep.

Employment Success And Reward

Scorpio folk may need to avoid over-spending and buying on impulse. Finances could be quite tight at the beginning of the year and you may feel you do not have a lot of free money. The middle of the year may bring a rather large and unexpected expense that you have not budgeted for.

Providing you are sensible and successfully avoid pressure and emotional blackmail from youngsters in your family group, you will be able to amass wealth and all will be fine.

During the first part of the year, there could be some very promising investment opportunities which you will be very attracted to. My 2018 horoscope suggests you should take sound financial advice before you rush in.

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Career potential for Scorpion folk is excellent this year. Even if you need a bit of a kick-start it is likely to will achieve much and go far in your field. Once you have set your mind to something, there will be no turning back and you might well be in the right mindset to face all barriers head-on. There are, in reality, very few hurdles in your way, my 2018 horoscopes suggests and your progress will be entirely in your own hands.

Even those who face cutbacks this year will find ways to cope. You may also become very canny in your management of money and focus solely on ways to advance yourself. Seniors will notice your determination to succeed. They will be impressed with your energetic approach to all hindrances and hitches. At first, you may not even be aware how well your work profile is shaping up, but through networking and building a balanced calendar into your busy schedule you will learn how to stay on top of things and how to do a really good job. The standard of your performance will be high and, more importantly, consistently so.

Towards the end of the year, those men and women born under the water sign of Scorpio will be able to relax, stand back and enjoy the accolades that come their way as well as the pay raises and promotions. There could be a new direction in your work this year as a result of your promotion and, even though you may have a few reservations, there is really nothing to stand in your way apart from your own reservations and uncertainties.

If you work in a physical career, bodyworker, yoga teacher, physical therapist you will venture a long way in your professional life. You will turn corners that you honestly thought were not possible. Your commitment to your work and your unrivalled dedication will impress your clients and you'll become highly recommended by them. Earning both respect and trust from clients will do your reputation the world of good. Don’t be surprised if an opportunity comes to relocate and expand. Take it! There could be many more good things to follow, according to the yearly horoscope.

If you are employed in the medical profession, doctor, nurse, psychologist, mortician, don’t be afraid to dream big. If you can reveal you're true inner self to your seniors, they will recognise how deeply and passionately you are committed to your work. Even if resources are limited, you will still find ways to manage. Don’t be surprised if you are offered additional hours in your work along with generous bonuses.

If you are a musician or involved in theatre or the arts, you are likely to find there are many challenges this year. There could be a really intense period of activity around the March/April time and you may feel the pressure of someone in authority attempting to push you in a direction you don’t want to go in. Providing you speak up the pressure will stop and there will be greater equilibrium. There could be some distractions this year, ones that might potentially take your mind away from your job. Try not to be too easily side-tracked.

For those who work in businesses you will face a frenzy of activity in the early months of the year, then things will quieten down. Despite all your efforts, you may still fall short of personal targets. This is more due to the economic climate than anything to do with your ability to do well. Things will pick up, however, and just when you thought everything was lost, you will follow-up an unexpected phone call that will lead to an extremely lucrative outcome. Be ready to pop the corks on the champagne bottles, Scorpio!

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